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Los Alamitos High School (LAEF) Classes
For reservations and more information click here
Drivers education at Los Alamitos High School from Oct 12 to Nov 16
Thanksgiving Class Dates
For reservations call (714) 821-4578 or (888) 526-6748
Anaheim District Thanksgiving session: November - Saturday 21, Monday 23, Tuesday 24 and, Wednesday 25 - Cypress Location (Map)
Los Alamitos District Thanksgiving session: November - Saturday 21, Wednesday 25, Friday 27 and Saturday 28 - Cypress Location (Map)
Class Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (for more information about this class click here)
Christmas Class Dates
For reservations call (714) 821-4578 or (888) 526-6748
Sat. December 19, Mon. December 21, Tue. December 22, and Wed. December 23 - Cypress Location (Map) (Session 1)
Sat. December 26, Mon. December 28, Tue. December 29, and Wed. December 30 - Cypress Location (Map) (Session 2)
Class Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (for more information about this class click here)

This is a 30 Hour Drivers Education Course as outlined and approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. It is very easy to use, you simply log into the web site and enroll or, you can call us and register on the phone and begin immediately! When you register, you can choose your own password and username and gain access to the course.

The course is divided into 11 chapters, with video interaction and video clips throughout. Once you finish each chapter you will have a short quiz to test your knowledge. You must get a mandatory 75% to move to the next chapter. When you pass the quiz you will able to save your score, if you missed too many questions, you will be able to go back and read over the material and retake the quiz. The computer will grade the tests and you will know immediately if you have passed.
Upon successful completion of the driver education course, we will send the original certificate of completion to you. Your fee for the course includes the entire program and the driver education completion certificate.
We created our online driver ed course to be as convenient and interesting as possible. We have included interactive games and videos to keep you learning while actually enjoying your time on our site. You work at your own pace around your own schedule. If you leave the site, your information and test scores will be saved, so you can log back in anytime and continue with the course.
The following certificate will be issued to you once you have completed this course, certificate of completion of non-classroom driver education (DL 400C).
Anaheim District Thanksgiving session:       Saturday November 21, Monday 23, Tuesday 24 and, Wednesday 25
Los Alamitos District Thanksgiving session: Saturday 21, Wednesday 25, Friday 26 and Saturday 28